A comprehensive eye exam should be a part of everyone’s health maintenance routine. Caught early, many eye-related disorders have a far better prognosis than their counterparts that have been allowed to progress. This procedure takes about an hour, and the optometrist will perform a variety of tests designed to present an overall picture of the functionality and health of your eyes. Here’s what you can expect from a comprehensive eye exam with Tropical Eye Associates:

Visual Acuity Test

This type of test is performed to discern how well you see from both short distances and afar. You’ve probably taken this type of test many times — it’s a standardized test using a Snellen chart in which letters become progressively smaller from top to bottom.

Depth Perception Testing

Depth perception testing involves wearing a pair of 3-D glasses while your optometrist shows you various patterns designed to determines how well you perceive three-dimensional objects.

Color Blindness Screening

Colorblind screening is performed to determine whether or not you’re color blind. Some color blindness is hereditary, but color blindness can also be an underlying symptom of various ocular health issues.

Refraction Testing

This test is the one that determines which prescription your optometrist will prescribe for your glasses or contact lenses should they be found to be necessary. You’ll look at different lens possibilities through an instrument known as a phoropter while your optometrist narrows down the selections by process of elimination while asking you which ones you see most clearly through.

Ocular Motility Testing

This test reveals the level of visual agility your eyes possess. For instance, it will determine how well you can follow a moving object and how fast your eyes can toggle between two different targets.


Depending on your ocular history, age, and potential hereditary issues, your optometrist may decide to administer other tests. For instance, if you’ve got a family history of glaucoma, your comprehensive eye exam may include a glaucoma test. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience to schedule your customized, comprehensive eye examination.